Replacement Value Protection


Minimoveʼs Replacement Value Protection (RVP) plan offers a superior level of protection. Should an item sustain damage while in our care under RVP, we accept responsibility to restore the item to the point where it is in the same condition as when we picked it up at the origin address. If repairs are not possible, or if loss of an item or items occurs for which we are responsible, we will replace the item with a one of comparable quality.

Conditions and Exceptions

  1. Shall be subject to all Conditions of Carriage.
  2. All claims under RVP (Replacement Value Protection) are subject to a $250.00 deductable to be paid by the client.
  3. Protection plans do not cover any loss of value to an item due to damage and subsequent repairs.
  4. No liability whatsoever shall be assumed if the client or others assist or interfere in any part of the moving procedures.
  5. Weight estimation uses the method specified within the Alberta Traffic Safety Act of multiplying cubic volume in feet times an average cargo weight of 7 pounds per cubic foot. Pounds per foot of loaded truck is calculated at width x height x 7.
  6. The carrier shall not be liable for:
    1. Property which at the time of loss has become obsolete or unusable for its originally intended purpose.
    2. Any art, antiques, documents, jewelery, coins, specie or any articles of extraordinary value unless by special agreement.
    3. Injury to goods resulting from previous injury and / or improper assembly.
    4. Damage to unstable furniture or the structural failure of particle board furnture.
    5. Ordinary wear and tear caused by moving procedures or deterioration due to temprature change or weather conditions.
    6. Injury to goods or premises due to the requirements of unusual or unique moving procedures caused by access restrictions.
    7. Client assembled “ikea” type furniture or simulates, lamps or other modular furniture that is not disassembled and packed for transport. (Client must do this disassembling themselves.)
    8. Breakage of glass, stone and mirrors not packed and unpacked in boxes by company employees. (Client must request this service.)
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