Why Choose Minimove?

 Employee Mover

Employee Mover

  • Low Wages
  • No Benefits
  • No Future
  • Doesn't Care
 Owner / Operator

Owner / Operator

  • Owns Truck
  • Profit Share
  • Responsibility
  • Master Mover

Our Drivers Are All Master Movers Who Own Their Trucks.

As company partners, they share the profits and responsibility. Experience the difference in cost and service that ownership can make.

Most Employee Movers Are Unhappy Transient Workers.

With low wages, hard work, and few benefits, casual employment as a mover is one of the worst jobs available. It attracts the worst type of worker and finding skilled employees is a never ending problem for the entire moving industry.

Minimove is Canada's All Owner / Operator Mover.

Minimove owner/operator movers are happy in their work because it is their own business. Helpers are often their best friends or even sometimes their sons or brothers. This is not just another job to them. It is their life! These master movers have a financial and emotional commitment to customer satisfaction that employee movers simply do not have.

Many of our MiniMove drivers have now joined our new organization Owner Operator Movers of Canada. To learn more visit the new website at by clicking here


Andrew - 17 years

 Ben & Bryce

Ben & Bryce - 8 years


Colin - 11 years

 Cory & Gregory

Cory & Gregory - 8 years


Doug - 24 years


Dwane - 16 years


Jay - 11 years


Joe - 15 years


Michael - 12 years


Michel - 17 years


Miles - 11 years


Phillip - 10 years


Steve - 20 years

 Steve and Sons

Steve & Sons - 10 years

Great Rates

  • No Minimum Charge
  • 1/4 Hour Billing
  • Competitive Rates
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Referral Commissions

 Great Rates


  • Voted "Best in Vancouver"
    - Georgia Straight
  • Industry Leader



  • Fully Insured with WCB
  • Full Blanket Wrap & Shrink Wrap Service
  • Learn more >


Heart & Soul

  • Profit Share Employer
  • Charity Supporter:
    • -St. Mary's Hospital
    • -Canadian Cancer Fund
    • -Prostate Cancer Fund
    • -Western Wilderness Committee and more!

 Heart & Soul

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