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Terms and Conditions of Carriage

 Terms and Conditions of Carriage

Conditions of Carriage and Bills of Lading for trucking household goods in Canada are regulated by each province and are essentially consistent across the board. They are put in place to protect you, the client, and your mover. It is highly recommended that you read the specifics laid out within your contract.

On the left is a scan of the back of your Minimove contract where these terms are detailed.

Below you will find a synopsis of the regulations for BC and Alberta.

Motor Vehicle Act Regulations B.C. Reg. 25/58 & Alberta Traffic Safety Act Reg. 313/2002 Specified Conditions of Carriage - Household Goods

Liability of Carrier (Article 1)

The carrier of the goods described in this bill of lading is liable for any loss or damage to the goods accepted by the carrier or the carrier’s agent except as provided in these articles.

Exceptions From Liability (Article 5)

The carrier is not liable for the following:

  1. loss, damage or delay to any of the goods described in this bill of lading caused by an Act of God, the Queen's or public enemies, riots, strikes, a defect or inherent vice in the goods, the act or default of the consignor, owner or consignee, authority of law or quarantine.
  2. unless caused by the negligence of the carrier or the carrier's agent or employee:
    1. damage to fragile articles that are not packed and unpacked by the contracting carrier or by that carrier's agent or employee(s);
    2. damage to the mechanical, electronic or other operations of radios, phonographs, clocks, appliances, musical instruments and other equipment, irrespective of who packed or unpacked such articles, unless servicing and preparation was performed by the contracting carrier or by that carrier's agent or employee(s);
    3. deterioration of or damage to perishable food, plants or pets;
    4. loss of contents of consign or packed articles, unless the containers used are opened for the carrier's inspection and articles are listed on this bill of lading and receipted for by the carrier;
    5. damage to or loss of a complete set or unit when only part of such set is damaged or lost, in which event the carrier is only liable for repair or recovering of the lost or damaged piece or pieces;
  3. damage to the goods at place or places of pick-up at which the consignor or the consignor's agent is not in attendance;
  4. damage to the goods at place or places of delivery at which the consignee or the consignee's agent is not in attendance and cannot give receipt for goods delivered.
  5. The consignor shall be charged for all parkiing fees and tickets for illegal parking acquired during the move.
  6. The consignor agrees to notify the carrier in writing within 5 days of delivery with full particulars of any damage or loss.
  7. All monies owed to the carrier must be paid in full before any claim will be considered.

Articles of Extraordinary Value (Article 13)

A carrier is not bound to carry any documents, specie or any articles of extraordinary value unless by a special agreement to do so. If such goods are carried without a special agreement and the nature of the goods is not disclosed on the face of this bill of lading, the carrier is not liable for any loss or damage.

Freight Charges (Article 14)

If required by the carrier, the freight and all other lawful charges accruing on the goods must be paid before delivery.


Failure by the carrier to effect pick-up or delivery within the expected time frame shall not result in any reduction of charges or render him liable for any costs or expenses incurred by the consignor.

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